How to enhance your brand value online

A brand is an intangible yet powerful corporate asset. Like any asset, a brand needs to be understood, maintained and invested in. Amongst the various disruptions that came along the Internet and Social media, marketing activities can now be measurable thus a company can know exactly how much these activities contribute to revenues and growth, and develop better-performing  strategies. We present below 4 ways that you can implement to your daily routine in order to enhance your brand value online: 

1.What does brand value really mean to consumers?

When customers choose your brand among other alternatives it means that your brand is valuable to them. In order to create a sustainable competitive advantage, you must be differentiated, and your marketing must reflect and enhance that differentiation. You must provide consumers with something they want or need, and indeed offer it BETTER than your competitors.

Brands that are well differentiated set the trends for their category; they act different and stand out from their competition.

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  1. Long Live the Brand

You need to continually evolve and adapt to changing times, in order for your brand to remain in contention over a number of years. This might be through product innovation, your marketing strategy or changing the way you operate to be more in tune with how customers consume your services or products.

  1. Pinky Promise

Companies that deliver what they promise are more likely to build loyal customers. Your brand must meet its consumers’ expectations and needs by giving them the experience it promised to.

  1. One Strategy, Multiple Channels

A brand’s meaningful difference should be amplified through all aspects of the consumer experience. From Outbound to Inbound Marketing, every interaction that consumers have with your brand needs to be consistent. It is important to make your brand stand out from the crowd and be different from your competitors


Amazon has extended its compelling brand experience across multiple touchpoints to engage with consumers. Apart from being the dominant online player in terms of traffic and sales, Amazon makes itself available wherever customers are.

Not clear enough? Here are 8 ways to build brand awareness.

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1.Create Content

Another great way to get your brand known on the web is to have valuable and visually attractive content  to share. Create memorable, valuable content and you’ll be introduced to new audiences and make a lasting impression. People will visit your site and your blog if they can find something that is interesting to them.

2.Social Media Competitions

Run competitions through  your Social Media channels. People LOVE competitions. They share, comment and like your posts in order to win a prize. This Is an easy and fun way to create brand awareness and leave your followers with a positive feeling. Here is what we did for Burger King Cyprus

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3. Social Focus

Know your audience. Find out where your target audience “congregates”  and be active on those Social Media channels.If your business is best suited to a particular network, then don’t be afraid to put the majority of your energy into a few sites. For example, photo-heavy sites might focus on Instagram and Pinterest. B2B companies often perform better on Twitter.

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4. LinkedIn Publishing

Did you know that you can actually publish posts on your Linkedin account? If your posts get enough attention, it could wind up in the LinkedIn home stream for many users. It is crucial for any business to have a Linkedin profile. Brands that are on Linkedin show an ‘employee friendly’ image. You can find more about Linkedin Business here.

5. Social Media Advertising

Whether or not users convert immediately, every impression counts for it will prepare them during their purchase decision time. Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Twitter Ads and recently Instagram Ads are everything you need to do to advertise your brand or business online. Sounds too complicated? We offer full Inbound Marketing services including Facebook, Twitter, Google and other display ads. Learn more about our services here.

6. Influencer Marketing

Find existing influencers in your industry whose business you could potentially complement, rather than compete with. Make use of your partner’s influence network to promote your brand while also building up valuable partnerships.

7. Controversy

While this strategy isn’t for everyone, one way to get your brand noticed is by being controversial. Do something unexpected, think outside of the box or as we like to call it: “think like there is no box”, and you will find yourself attracting attention. Whether it’s good or bad attention depends on the subject and your approach. At the end of the day, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, or is it?

8. Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC is a smart solution for getting your brand seen on Google. Using the Google Keywords tool and Google Ads, you could be showing up at the top of Google searches. Seeing your name at the top of the search results makes an impression and is incredible for building brand awareness.


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