Facebook Ads: Basics 1.3

With Facebook Adverts, you can get more people visiting your shop, shopping on your website, liking your Page, installing your app and more. Have a look at what you can accomplish with Facebook Adverts and implement the following tactics in your Facebook Advertising Plan.

Page Post Engagement

Get more people liking, commenting on and sharing your posts. You'll reach more of the people who like your Page and new audiences.

Page Likes

Build your Page audience by getting more Page Likes. It's a great way to connect with new customers and learn more about your audience.

Clicks to Website

Bring more people to your website from Facebook. When people click on your advert, you can send them to any page on your website – including your online store.

Website Conversions

Track actions that people take on your website after they have seen your Facebook advert. This data helps you to understand who comes to your site and what they're responding to so you can make your adverts (and website) even better.

App Installs

Grow your app by getting more people to install it. You can get your advert to the right people based on device, OS and more. And when they tap on your advert, they'll go right to the app store installation page.

App Engagement

Get more people to engage with your app and take them to specific parts of your app, such as the purchase page for an item or a screen where they can register or start a download

Event Responses

Let people know about your special event with a Facebook advert. When people see it, they can join and the event will be added to their Facebook calendar. They'll also get reminders for the event, and you can keep track of how many people have responded.

Offer Claims

Create special offers to get more people doing business with you. You can offer discounts or other rewards – it's up to you. You decide how long your offer runs for, who sees it, how many people can claim it and more.

Video Views

Create engaging adverts that feature your videos and tell your story. Your audiences can view your video adverts in News Feed on desktop and mobile devices.

Local Awareness

Easily reach people in the area around your business. Just start with your business address and the area that you want to reach, and we'll show your advert to as many people on Facebook as possible within the selected area.

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