8 Simple Rules For A Successful Christmas Campaign

The festive period is approaching and it’s time to reach out to your consumers with the best current social media marketing techniques. With consumers already browsing online for Christmas gifts, there is no better time to start your social media campaigns to stand out from your competitors.

So are you ready? 

Find out below our 10 tips for a successful Christmas Marketing Campaign!

1. Plan early

September and October are ideal for launching branding campaigns. This is due to the fact that November and December are the top-selling months. Make sure you spend enough time planning and preparing your holiday marketing activities if you want them to be effective.

Start by creating a specific schedule that takes into account which occasions and holiday marketing ideas your brand absolutely needs to include.

2. Set clear goals for your campaign in advance

If your brand is preparing Christmas campaigns for the second year in a row, review last year's results to see how effective they were before establishing new goals.

You can create new goals after you have a clearer view of what went well and what didn't. 

Set priorities for your brand such as community building, client growth, or higher sales.

3. Promote…emotions

People want to believe that their purchases were rationally made after careful consideration of the advantages and disadvantages. However, the truth is rather different: Actually, around 80% of our purchasing decisions are based on our emotions rather than logic. Emotional reactions are also 3,000 times faster than reasoned ones.

During the Christmas season, there is a lot of love, nostalgia, and positivity in the air. So, what better way to convey those emotions as the base of your Christmas marketing strategy. Be careful to be genuine, helping your audience understand and identify your brand’s values.

4. Use holiday hashtags

You shouldn't overlook festive hashtags if you want to draw attention to your brand and take advantage of the fact that many people use social media to get ideas for gifts and purchases. 60% of Instagram users claim they use the platform to find products, which is exactly what you should do by using specific and effective hashtags that will be connected with your business and create awareness.

5. Engaging visuals

Creating eye-catching images, relevant photography, text-based graphics, and videography will lead to a dynamic visual approach across social media. Be careful to maintain your brand's identity while experimenting with seasonal material. Your goal is to engage your audience with your products or service. Keep in mind that the more authentic your material is, the more people will be motivated to share it, which is ideal for social media marketing.

6. Operate a multichannel approach

One thing all marketers know or should know is that not every audience can be reached in the same way or at the same channel. 

To achieve a successful Christmas marketing campaign you should create a multichannel strategy. This strategy could include email, ads, social media, print posters, etc.

Create a campaign with multiple touchpoints, both in terms of holidays and focusing on different age groups within your target audience that you want to reach at the same time, for the best results.

7. Place your products in an omnichannel

You should try to involve your brand in different marketing distribution channels. Shopping happens everywhere, and in the past, brands that were able to position their products in locations both offline and online resulted in a seamless omnichannel presence across many platforms that won their audience’s attention.

8. Give your site a festive feel

Holiday website decorations could be an important aspect of your Christmas marketing strategy. 

Colorful decorations work as visual cues, creating a warming and cozy feeling for visitors when they land on a website - which is exactly what people are looking for in the holiday season. Giving your website a festive makeover will get your customers in the festive spirit and entice people to shop there.






Fay Xanthopoulou

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