2021 Digital Marketing Trends Predictions


As many say, 2020 might have been canceled but 2021 is not far! And we cannot wait to see what this means for the world of Digital Marketing! 

To follow you’ll find our predictions of Digital Marketing trends for the following year, and they could turn our daily lives upside down!

Voice Search Marketing

The first voice devices that appeared in our lives were mostly used for listening to music or learning what the weather was going to be. Nowadays, more people are feeling comfortable with Alexa or Google in their home. They are asking them for a song and Alexa may tell them how to download the latest album of the specific artist. Voice devices nowadays are getting more information from you and giving even more back! 


Clearly this is an opportunity since virtual assistant devices are collecting valuable consumer behaviors and preferences from past purchases and searches, meaning a campaign can be tailored and delivered around each individual’s preferences. The possibilities are endless, and digital marketers will always look for innovative methods to make their clients stand out. This one, in particular, is an excellent opportunity we can’t wait to dive deeper into! 


Inclusive marketing

People want to learn as much as they can for each brand. Marketing is not only about sales. It’s about how to connect, gain and maintain a relationship with your customers. What people really want to know is the brand’s perspective on different topics, such as diversity, sustainability etc. Simultaneously, this is promoting brand transparency and enhancing brand identity. It allows brands to display deeper and core values. Brands like AXE and Gillete, used it a few years ago with strong messages, in this way contributing to a global shift of our mindset. 


In the years to come, customers will be demanding more and more about variations in content from brands. They’ll be looking for more thoughtful communication with a deeper meaning all the while enhancing their brand trust. This is definitely something to consider in your 2021 marketing strategy.


Google Tag Manager

Google hit a great sweet spot when it released its free tool that helps users to track specific events and actions on their website without bothering the web developer, every time that something comes up. 

Data from your site can then be shared with Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Business Manager, LinkedIn Campaign Manager, and a plethora of other third-party ad platforms. Why is this important? 


Because it allows for more customization and ensures you are receiving the information you need while delivering the most effective message. Google Tag Manager has been popular in performance advertising for years, however, we expect to see some new hacks released in 2021 that should make this tool even more important! 


Hyper-targeted advertising

For the past few years, there is so much ‘advertising noise’ online that an ad needs to be special to stand out, catch our attention and remain memorable. Most people tend to ignore ads that are irrelevant to their needs. So yes, people may feel frustrated by poor or irrelevant digital ads, but they are accepting of the relevant ones! 


According to researchers up to 49% of users might disregard a brand if it bombards them with digital ads or ads that might be irrelevant to them. At the same time up to 36% of users might actually purchase something from a brand that sends them tailored messages. 


This includes personalization as well. And yes, some form of personalization has been already utilized by different brands for a while now, in the near future, this will explode! Users have the need to feel unique every single day. Our advertising strategies must respect and reflect this. 


There are lots more coming our way and we intend to keep an eye out. 

We will have to prepare, gear up and focus on our objectives! 


We know our marketing team will definitely be on the lookout for all of these and many more trends to come; we love staying ahead of the game! :)

If you need help with your Digital Marketing Strategy or Social Media Management, we're here to help and ensure your brand is up to date with every trend.


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#StayPositive guys and #KeepRocking



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Rafaela Bakaliaou

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