The State of Influencer Marketing in 2024

Marketing is an ever-changing affair that waits for no one. Depending on global developments, new technologies and pioneering ideas, marketing practices may change overnight. Therefore, it is imperative that marketers stay informed and current at all times, in order to achieve the coveted results. One aspect of online marketing that continues to be on the rise, is that of influencer marketing. Influencers become more and more crucial to marketing campaigns every year. Let us take a look at the current state of influencer marketing and how to navigate its nuances. 


The Benefits of Micro-influencers 

In the earlier days of influencer marketing, reach and engagement figures were everything. However, in 2024 focus has shifted to a more specific targeting approach, which explains the rise of micro-influencers. Micro-influencers have a follower base of 10.000 to 100.000 people. By having a more condensed and dedicated follower base they have the opportunity to be more active and engaging towards their followers, and as a result, become more familiar and trustworthy. 

Flawed Authenticity Breeds Trust

Users tend to be more receptive toward a familiar face, as it makes them feel safe and assured. This humanised corporate approach is further accentuated by the use of micro-influencers as their content feels more natural and organic when compared to mega-influencers and their overly polished content. Users can tell what is genuine and what is staged, and more often than not, they will ‘vote’ accordingly.

Long-Term Partnerships

To further capitalise on the aforementioned authenticity and familiarity companies have decided to stick with a micro-influencer of their choice for longer periods. By assigning a fairly recognisable figure as the ambassador of their brand identity, they allow users time to create a direct connection between the brand and the influencer, thus becoming more familiar with both the influencer and the company at the same time. Furthermore, users have stated that campaigns that extend over long periods tend to feel more genuine and trustworthy, in comparison to ‘one-time flings’.

Better Targeting Potential

Yes, a huge number of followers looks impressive and all, but when it comes to marketing, such bases are very hard to target. Due to their inherently diverse and expanded nature, something that is appreciated by a portion of the followers, may alienate a different one, resulting in middling results. Micro-influencers have the luxury to delve into more niche approaches that excel in driving engagement and interest in the products or services promoted.

The Revolution of Social Commerce

All of the above-mentioned pros culminate in a single development in digital marketing, and that is the rise of social commerce. Platforms such as TikTok or Instagram have effectively eliminated the steps between brand promotion and customer action, by implementing their form of an in-house shop. Nowadays, it is easier than ever to purchase a product that piqued your interest directly from social media platforms, thus minimising the chances of customers changing their minds during the transition.

The Significance of AI Influencers 

As we mentioned earlier, online marketing is only going to continue moving forward, which is further proven by the introduction of AI Influencers to our social media lives. These AI avatars, often donning the appearance of celebrities, act as human influencers, to make AI feel more familiar and authentic towards audiences. Whether this practice will prove to be fruitful remains to be seen, but it definitely warrants the attention of marketers and brands worldwide.

The Influence of Social Responsibility 

Year after year, social responsibility becomes more and more relatable to social media users, as younger generations often feel very conscious of how their actions affect the environment and the people around them. This is reflected in most if not all, corporate marketing strategies, as they focus heavily on promoting their green practices and initiatives. Consequently, companies prefer to entrust their social media campaigns to influencers who can portray this philosophy effectively, subtly and naturally.

FOMO Marketing

One of the most effective ways of driving engagement and interest in a marketing campaign is by generating a sense of urgency about it. When something feels temporary and elusive, it instantly becomes much more intriguing to followers and motivates them to act with haste. This phenomenon is often referred to as FOMO or Fear of Missing Out, where people often disregard their prejudices and concerns to be able to board the ‘train’ in time.

Marketing in 2024 is filled with exciting prospects and a sense of unpredictability that makes everything so exciting. By implementing the above tips and strategies you give your brand the chance to fully achieve its marketing goals and reach unprecedented heights with the right management and determination.

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