Influencer Campaigns That Went Viral & What We Can Learn

Influencer-based campaigns are all the rage in 2024, with multiple brands of all sizes and backgrounds implementing them in your marketing strategy. Of course, simply using influencers for a marketing campaign does not guarantee success, as there are multiple things to consider in order to maximise their effectiveness. Below, we will go through some of the most successful recent influencer-focused campaigns and what we could stand to learn from them.


Gymshark collaborates with multiple influencers who regularly try and promote their products in an attempt to authentically showcase their value to the target audience.

  • Using famous influencers as product ambassadors for your brand generates authenticity and familiarity
  • Influencers using a brand’s products help viewers see their value, and how they could use them in their daily lives
  • Encouraging the creation of user-generated content, or UGC for short, makes for an engaging and interactive way to rapidly expand your brand’s reach 


In anticipation of the hugely successful Barbie movie, Joybird collaborated with influencer Chrissa Sparkles for promotional purposes. Chrissa and Barbie are a match made in heaven, as her content already revolves around several traits that are highly associated with the Barbie brand name.

  • Choosing influencers who naturally align with your brand’s values and traits makes the collaboration feel more authentic and organic
  • Influencers who genuinely care about and understand your products and/or services will convey your core message far more effectively, than someone who is unfamiliar with what makes your brand special and valuable

Flock Freight

Blue’s Clues star, Steve Burns, was approached by Flock Freight, after his public resurgence for the 25th anniversary of the show. The ensuing marketing campaign was a resounding success.

  • Timing is essential when it comes to creating a successful marketing campaign
  • Capitalising on an influencer’s, or public person’s popularity and ephemeral virality could take your campaign to the next level

Reebok & Zumiez

Reebok and Zumiez collaborated on a co-branded marketing campaign, with the two companies landing on Eric Sierra, among other influencers, to be the face of this unexpected campaign.

  • Thinking out of the box is never a bad idea, and may lead to unexpected results if your ideas are properly implemented
  • Targeting a younger demographic could yield great results, as long as you craft a campaign that is relatable and intriguing to your target audience


Influencer campaigns have the potential to skyrocket your brand’s exposure, but they need to be carefully studied and laid out to ever reach their true potential. The overabundance of influencers in the modern landscape can be a double-edged sword, as there will always be people willing to be your brand’s face, but making the right choice can prove to be tricky.

Monitor what the most successful brands are doing, but don’t try to replicate their process step-by-step. Ultimately, it is always to be the real you.


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