Should you be advertising during COVID-19?

Opium Works- Should you be advertising during COVID-19?

Trust has always been a big issue for many of us- be it the trust we have in our professional or personal relationships, in companies and brands, in politicians, in media... And the list goes on. 


At a time like this, when the entire world is on edge, trust becomes an even more important factor in our lives. We are trusting the messages we’re getting from our media outlets, our governments and ministries in the decisions they are making for us, our suppliers and retailers in that they’re taking all appropriate measures for our safety. And we should be trusting them. 


When something like a pandemic hits, there is no room for non-transparency. The risks are too high and no one wants to be on the lonely non-compliant end. 

opium works should you be advertising during COVID-19?

So, this is also the time for brands to show their true values and gain the trust of their consumers. Brand values are most often carried forward and reflected through advertising; and that comes with a responsibility. 


Advertisers have always had a responsibility to create campaigns and carry messages without making false claims and without misleading the consumer.

During this global crisis, brands around the world are doing everything in their power to remain close to their consumers, build consumer relationships, maintain their top of mind awareness and add value in any way they can. 


Our responsibility as advertisers now becomes two-fold. 

  1. Continue to operate ethically and give every ounce of our creativity
  2. Advise brands on how to plan their strategies amidst COVID-19


Consumers are rightly taking to the safety of their own homes and whilst we’ve been living in a digitally dominant world for years, they are now spending even more time online.


Are you wondering if you should be taking advantage of this? 

The answer is both yes and no. 

Yes, you should remain close to them by revealing your human side now more than ever.

No, you should not be taking advantage of your users.


Over the past few years, we’ve seen so many of our clients trust in digital marketing and social media advertising; and they’re killing it! 

Don’t be afraid to maintain everything you’ve built and worked so hard for.  When done responsibly, as it always should be, advertising allows you to support your clients.

Remain close to them, remind them that you’re still here, inspire them, tell them about the solutions you’re working hard to provide them with and interact with them; show them the support and loyalty they’ve always shown you.


opium works should you be advertising during COVID-19?

Wondering how you can do it?

Each brand is unique in itself and has a different offering. Let’s look at some examples. 


Is your brand a bakery?

Use your social media to tell the people all about the measures you’re taking to protect them. Instagram & Facebook Stories are a great way of doing this.


Is your brand now offering delivery services?

Use Google Ads and be the first option that comes up when people are searching for your product. Use YouTube pre-roll ads!


Is your brand a beauty product?

Create content for Instagram to inspire your users, give them daily tips on how to take care of themselves at home. 


Is your brand a restaurant?

Share the recipes of your top-selling dishes through step-by-step Instagram stories. 


Has your brand just launched an App?

Be it for services or entertainment, run an App Installs campaign. What better time to get people to know you?


Does your brand have important announcements to make?

Utilize Twitter, it’s picking up like crazy locally. Tik-Tok is also a great way to go if you want to ‘lighten’ your message. You can also get on Spotify if it’s more fitting. 

opium works should you be advertising during COVID-19?


COVID-19, although it won’t last forever, has impacted all of our lives. In all the craziness, it’s also taught us a lot- companies and brands alike, need to be agile, creative, motivated, inspirational and they should never stop fighting. 


So like I said, this won’t last forever. And when it’s over, brands should be sure they’ve taken every measure they can to make it over to the other side intact.


Our advice to you is to keep going, keep advertising and do it well!

Trust us. 


Suddenly brand loyalty takes on a whole new meaning :) 

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