This is not a drill - get a Sales and Marketing engine for free!

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We all know how important it is to use the right tools for marketing and sales activities. This is why we offer the Hubspot Marketing, Sales and CRM systems for free.

As a company we have always been extremely interested in growing alongside our customers, both old and new. One of the tools we have been using extensively has a totally free version that can help you evolve.

This is a powerful tool to get you started when it comes to Lead generation. There is no long-term commitment—just think of it like going for a coffee! (Or a beer, as we prefer doing here at Opium Works.)




The free services include the following:


  • Portal creation, CRM configuration and User Permissions assignment
  • Creation of custom properties for Contacts, Companies, and Deals based on their sales
  • Creation of Deal Stages for first pipeline based on their Sales process
  • Import of their Database to HubSpot (Companies, Contacts, Deals)


  • Installation of HubSpot Sales Extension for the Sales team (Chrome Win/Mac & Outlook Win)
  • Set up Signatures (HTML) for Sales reps in the CRM
  • Configure Meetings link for Sales reps


  • Installation of the Hubspot Tracking code on your current website to track Sessions performance
  • Creation of a Lead Flow to capture leads (HubSpot Branded Pop-Up form)
  • Enabling collected Forms tool

We can give you access to the above at no cost and you can set it up however you prefer. Alternatively, we can work together in setting this up for you. Are you interested? We’d be happy to hear from you. Book a call now to discuss further!




Christophoros Tzirtzipis

Growth Strategist

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