How Important Is Storytelling In Marketing?

Stories tend to consist of 3 ingredients: characters, conflict, and a resolution. You can use these main ingredients to craft both simple and complex story arcs, and in marketing, utilise them to drive your business forward!

Think of your buyer personas, or ideal customers, as the main characters. These are real people we’re talking about and, much like everyone else, they are faced with different types of conflicts every day. Regardless of which industry you are working in, your products or services are there to relieve your buyers of their pain points. You want your audience to know just how familiar you are with their daily struggles, how you have mastered the solution and are now sharing it with them!

So how do you attract and convert potential customers? You tell them a story.



The What


Time to tell your customers what you do! This should be communicated concisely and not necessarily be restricted to a short “About Us” section. Your entire online presence, from your social media profiles to your website, should immediately reflect what you’re all about.

Example*: My name is Luigi and I sell ice cream.

*Not to be followed word for word.

The How

So you’ve told your potential customers what you do. The thing is, modern day buyers have a lot of options. How will your product help them specifically? Is there anything that makes your product stand out from the rest?

Example: My ice cream is different to anything you’ve tried because I use a special recipe. Also it’s kind of hot outside, so come have some and cool down, and stuff. Did I mention ice cream increases serotonin production in the brain?



The Why

Telling your audience why you do what you do is absolutely essential. Share the origins of your brand with them — how did it all start? What motivates you? Were you faced with similar problems as your buyers in the past?

If you present your reasoning in a way that’s relatable to what your buyers are experiencing, you are far more likely to gain their trust, and consequently their support. Marketing comes down to human relationships at the end of the day; touching upon someone’s emotional world will help you make that connection and establish a continued conversation.

Example: My grandma spoon-fed me homemade ice cream when I was 5 years old and had a tonsillectomy. She was one-quarter Cypriot, three-quarters Italian. Gelato was her specialty. She passed down her secrets to me as I was growing up. This ice cream brings out the sweetest memories for me; I hope it will do the same for you!



As customers, we are drawn by brands that exude expertise and confidence, and appreciate knowing that our concerns and opinions are understood, validated, and being taken into consideration. Giving your online presence an honest, personal touch will not only likely gain your audience’s respect, it will also gain their preference.

Wanna learn more about storytelling in marketing? Drop us a line and we will be in touch!


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