We're Being acquired!

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October will mark the beginning of a new era for our agency. We’re very excited to announce our acquisition by Digital Tree http://digitaltree.com.cy/ , the largest digital media group on the island!

What does this mean?

Our once small startup is evolving, and our creative horizons are expanding with it! This gives us the opportunity to not only collaborate with another highly skilled and experienced team, but to also provide a greater range of services to our customers and associates.

The future's looking bright! We’re ready as ever to make some noise and shake things up!

But hey, we really like you...

Not to worry — we’re not going anywhere! Our team, from top to bottom, will remain in place, with even more specialists joining us. We’re feeling very confident and excited to be embarking on this new chapter as it will allow us to amplify our service offering.

More updates to follow soon. Stay tuned!

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