Check out the 20 Social Media mistakes you should avoid

We crawled the internet and found the 20 mistakes you should avoid on social so you won't have to! 😁

Well some of our learnings come from experience 😉 #OhWell

In this article, we covered the 20 mistakes you should avoid by channel: 

  1. Ignoring new features 
  2. Live Streaming #Not!
  3.  Importing content including TikTok watermarks
  4. Sharing low-quality content material
  5. Not optimizing your bio
  6. Having a personal account instead of a business one
  7. Buying followers 
  8. Skipping Captions
  9. Using viral sound on ads 
  10. Not utilizing filters
  11. Being too promotional
  12. Ignoring Mentions 
  13. Retweeting too much 
  14. Tweeting the same thing 
  15. Treating Twitter like other social platforms
  16. Having a low response message time
  17. Removing negative comments
  18. Not having a customized photo cover
  19. Neglecting your community
  20. Ignoring your competitors


  • Facebook

1. Having a low response message time

The message response rate of a Facebook page is one of the first things you'll notice when you visit it. It forms a first impression of the brand and how it interacts with potential customers. A high response rate means excellent customer service, while a low rate implies inactivity on the platform. 

I know that you’re thinking that this is a minor aspect of your profile, but it could have a significant impact.

2. Removing negative comments

There will always be a dissatisfied customer and they usually end up right in your feedback section.

You might have to remove the comment entirely in order to protect the image of your brand. However, responding to your unhappy follower in a steady manner may work to your advantage.

Responding to negative comments shows your audience that you aren't afraid to have a dialogue with them. 

3. Not having a customized photo cover

A unique photo cover is a powerful way to stand out from your competitors who might use their logos or stock photos, or worse, nothing at all.

TIP! Choose one thing that refers to your ideals or heritage. A picture that appeals to our emotions will likely have a much greater impact than a straightforward stock photo that informs us about your services or goods.

4. Neglecting your community

Without a doubt, Facebook is among the best places to build a community. There are several ways to collaborate with your audience, such as Facebook groups and live streams.

Despite everything, that is how you create a loyal community. It comes from ongoing, genuine conversations, not from spreading commercial information.

5. Ignoring your competitors

One of Facebook's most useful features is the ability to research your competitors in your analytics dashboard. Facebook can construct a list of recommended competitors using the information you've already supplied, and it can also let you know how you're doing in comparison to those competitors.

Then, you may use this as a benchmark to check your progress!


  • Instagram

6. Ignoring new features.

Instagram is continually evolving, and the IG Reels up to 90 seconds, is already debuted. 

We need to keep in mind that when the platform introduces new features, accounts that use them are often prioritized. For instance, when Reels first debuted, the algorithm emphasized the accounts that used them, giving them higher reach and impressions than accounts that posted videos to its feed.

With this in mind, it's critical that businesses should be informed about the most recent updates and how they might impact the platform's algorithm.

7. Live Streaming #Not!

Live streaming is a good method to communicate with your audience and obtain immediate feedback that can help you improve your Instagram strategy.

Specifically is considered one of the most effective tools on Instagram.


  • Research from  HubSpot Blog in November 2021, revealed that it offers one of the highest ROIs when compared to other media types.
  • Short-form videos were named #1 in the study of business owners as the social media trend with the highest ROI in 2021.
  • 52% of business owners who invested in it the previous year said that it outperformed their expectations.

8. Importing content including TikTok watermarks

The community spokesman claimed that users have stated through surveys that watching content that is reused on other platforms can have a negative impact on the user experience. As a result, Instagram will start to deprioritize content that is obviously recycled.

  • How can you tell whether a video has been reused? 

The watermark of TikTok. This appears to happen when users reserve a video after adding it to the short-form video platform. The watermark appears once it has been shared.

  • What do you need to do?

Add the original content and customize it within the app if you're planning to cross-post on several social media channels. This will maintain the value of your content and ensure that it is not shadow-banned when it is published.😉

9. Sharing low-quality content material

The secret is not a secret anymore! If you want to succeed on this platform, you surely need to produce high-quality content because visuals are still the King. 👑

Twitter is the best example here… Although you can publish pictures and videos, the app is text-based. The main feed is made to prioritize textual content, instead of Instagram which needs graphics!

10. Not optimizing your bio

Even though it holds a small portion of your Instagram profile, it has a serious amount of discoverability. The information in your bio will make it easier for users to find you when they search for accounts on the platform. 

What you need to understand is that Instagram aims to keep users on the app for as long as it can! 

  • At the moment, customers can even make a purchase without ever leaving the app. 
  • That is why it has restrictions on when and where you can share external links.

Your Instagram bio is the one that can give you the chance to transform your customers.

11. Having a personal account instead of a business one

One word. Too many possibilities ➡️ ANALYTICS!

This is the justification for choosing between a personal and a business account. If you have a business account, you will have access to valuable data that you otherwise wouldn't discover, such as how clients find you to which blog topics are bringing in the most visitors.

12. Buying followers 

If you own a small business on Instagram and want to establish some reputation or perhaps increase engagement, you might think about buying followers.

What’s the catch?

Your number of followers may increase, but these followers won't be of long-term help to you. They are frequently automated accounts that don't engage with, share or advertise your content and that’s the most important thing!

13. Skipping Captions

OK, we know that graphics is that initially draw a customer's attention, BUT your caption may persuade them to stay, give your post more context, and increase conversions. 

Many businesses ignore the caption in favor of producing attractive visuals. However, each contributes equally to engaging the audience.


  • Tik Tok 

14. Using viral sound on ads 

Viral sounds come and go on the app for a very short period. A trendy sound only lasts for about a week or two max, so it's good to incorporate it in your posts. In spite of this, it's not a major advertising technique.

Why?  An advertisement will likely run for a few weeks before the sound becomes unrecognizable. Users mostly will get tired of hearing the sound, and using it could diminish your value. 

TIP! Instead focus on timeless topics that are relevant at all times.

15. Not utilizing filters

This is what Tik Tok is all about!!

There are several options, ranging from the ones that make your face bigger to those that bring you home. This presents a lot of opportunities for brands to express their creativity and have fun with their audience.

After all, it's important to understand when to attach and when to skip in any pattern. There will likely be another one around the corner that will likely be a greater fit.

16. Being too promotional

Name a better place for authenticity rather than TikTok?!

Based on a study on 2021: 

  • 64% of TikTok users claim they are frequently their true selves on the app.
  • About 56% of TikTok users said they will submit videos there that they would not post elsewhere.

If you only use the platform to sell your services, you can find it difficult to gain any traction. You should concentrate on conveying a lifestyle. Their pain points might provide you with the relatable & humorous content, you actually need!


  • Twitter 

17. Ignoring Mentions 

Social media is a two-way road. When you share, your audience reacts.

On Twitter though, which is actually a text-focused platform, businesses tend to focus on only sharing and neglect to interact with their audience.

They also, forget to respond to mentions, which can provide valuable information about how consumers perceive a service or product.

18. Retweeting too much 

Customers need to have a clear idea of your brand and what to expect from your website when they visit your Twitter profile. It is challenging to make that judgment if your website is 90 % of retweets.

TIP! Mix tweets, retweets, responses, and conversations in a healthy way.

19. Tweeting the same thing 

The more options you offer, the more opportunities you'll have to engage your audience and persuade them to stick around.

While it is beneficial to recycle high-performing content, the key is to spread it out over a long period of time so that it appears new each time you post them. 

20. Treating Twitter like other social platforms

Without a question, Twitter is one of the few social media platforms where textual content remains a Top priority. 

If you're active on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, you might be tempted to apply the same approach to Twitter.

The golden rule of social media, though, is to adapt your content to the platform rather than the other way around. 






Fay Xanthopoulou

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