What you should know before doing an Awareness Campaign

When promoting your brand, business, or products, there is usually a natural process. This process has different names, the most common and easy one to remember is the AIDA model. AIDA stands for Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action. Basically, the model follows the stages that a brand, business, or product goes through, from the moment they are introduced to consumers until the time the consumers are ready to convert to customers. Read further to learn what awareness is, why it is important and how you can gain awareness with digital marketing.

What is Awareness

In the awareness stage, it is assumed that consumers are not aware of your brand, business, or product. So, you have to make an initial approach (cold approach) in an effort to introduce yourself to consumers that have low intent for additional actions. It is clear to see, that in order to have effective Awareness Campaigns you need to keep this in mind and follow several steps to ensure their success.


  • Identify your initial Target Audience

Having an ideal customer profile is important for increasing brand awareness, in order to reach the people that you want them to be aware of you, and are more likely to become your customer in the future. Having this initial target audience at the beginning will help you narrow your target audience later on, for even more effective advertisements.


  • Try different mediums

By trying different digital marketing advertising mediums you will have the opportunity to reach more people, but also identify which mediums get the most responses from your target audience, which will help for future campaigns.


  • High Frequency

Frequency is the average number of times that each person saw your ad. If your campaigns have high frequency, it is more likely for your brand, business, or company to gain awareness and stay in the consumers' minds, which is what you desire from an Awareness Campaign.


How to use different advertising tools to your advantage

Some key digital advertising tools that should not be missing from any Awareness campaign are Facebook & Instagram Ads and Google Display Ads. Facebook and Instagram Ads give you the chance to easily set your desired frequency cap and help you reach your target audience multiple times. Facebook suggests a frequency of 4 (reaching people at least 4 times). For Google Display Ads, the Awareness objective should be chosen. The benefit of Google display ads is that you get the opportunity to reach your audience on Google search results pages and websites that are part of the Google Search and Display Networks. By combining the two mediums,  you get the opportunity to reach your target audience wherever they are.

Don't Be Afraid to spend

Many people do not pay attention to the significance of Awareness campaigns and the budget that is allocated to them is not enough. This may be due to the fact that with awareness campaigns you do not get actionable results (e.g. purchases). The reality is that Successful Awareness Campaigns can determine the success and effectiveness of future campaigns, thus do not be afraid to assign your budget to them, and reach as many people as you can with high frequency, to get the maximum number of Impressions (Times that your ad appeared).






Constantinos Agathocleous

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