Understanding the psychology behind copywriting

By Georgios Gkaraklídis | May 14, 2021

There's a huge range of science behind successful copywriters and most people think that one just grabs a pen and starts writing lyrics and short captions to accompany an ad or a post. Copywriters need to remove this belief and act according to the demanding profession they chose to follow. 

Being a copywriter is equivalent to being an artist. The difference is that writers tend to use words to “craft” and create art and they always try to persuade their public about their dynamic content. Moreover, they constantly need to prove themselves which creates some kind of stress. 

Apart from those things mentioned above, an important part of exercising such a profession is to actually "study" the people who trusted and assigned you a task. Writers need to focus on their clients' mental triggers and understand their psychology and their final aim. 

Firstly, copywriters need to understand the "language" their consumers speak. What have their clients envisioned and how do they want to project their brand? It's absolutely necessary to understand this before proceeding with the rest. 

Furthermore, what's also as important as the previous statement is to understand how the market works and which are the hints behind it. Learn how quickly it evolves and changes every second, grasp the rhythm and get to know the product you are trying to sell as in detail as possible. 

Never forget to be authentic and stay true to yourself. Of course, you are going to make mistakes along the way but this is necessary for you to grow, develop your strategies and become more "suspicious" and aware of the environment you choose to interact with. 

As a copywriter, you need to unceasingly do some research before you even spring into action. It's an indispensable step before going on with the actual plan. 

The whole idea lies in the fact that you should be able to begin thinking like your client and your consumers simultaneously. This is what's going to motivate you more because you will have already got into their mindset and consequently you will follow a specific procedure to produce the task you were given. 

Additionally, copywriting is also about being in charge of the communication between the public and you. It's not always about producing some amazing content with some fancy language but it's about exchanging ideas and getting inspired by the people around you and those who follow your advice. 

Oh, something as significant as the rest of the things. Copywriters have been practicing their language skills and this is something they need to be proud of. But not everyone masters this kind of skill in such an advanced way. Therefore you need to make sure that your language gets along with your readers' one. Avoid using jargon for example. Instead use an easily understood way of expressing things and "play" with the words to produce unique, interactive content which will be understood by almost everyone. In the best-case scenario, your new slogans might go viral and get the attention they deserve. The credibility will be all yours. 

After getting some advice from different sources, you will get to understand a little better the way things work. It's up to you, though, to design an impactful outline and then create unforgettable content. You have the goods, you have the tools and it's time to literally spring into action. There you go... 


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