Be a better blogger with powerful copywriting tactics

By Georgios Gkaraklídis | May 14, 2021

When it comes to blogging, people tend to think that it must be about texts on specific topics, perfect grammar and syntax, and long texts. I'm not saying blogging has nothing to do with the parameters mentioned above, however, perfection is what we need to avoid when we talk about blogging. Perfect grammar, vocabulary, or syntax are not required as the tone of voice needs to be familiar, cozy, and absolutely compatible with as many people as possible. Not everybody uses the perfect grammar while speaking or writing therefore you need to be relatable. 


#1: Hook your audience by writing strong headlines. 

You need to make the best first impression so make sure that your headlines and titles are fancy and interesting enough to attract the audience at a snap. There must be no room for second thoughts. Be catchy and fascinating at the same time to "charm" everyone around. 

#2: Give your audience an incentive and a strong reason to follow up. 

Make your audience curious enough to come back and take a glance and then read your content until they find you interesting and informative, according to their needs of course. This is the way you build up your skills as well as on your loyal readers. 

#3: Keep it concise. 

This doesn't mean that you only need to write a content of three lines along with the headline and that's all. Absolutely not, this is out of the question. People obviously prefer shorter texts but it's not always about the size... Right? If the topic demands it, then a larger text must be written, but generally speaking, just make sure that you don't repeat yourself or you just fill up the lines for no apparent reason. Every word that you write down must count and this is of paramount importance. 

#4: Present a solution by positioning your services or products. 

You need to bear in mind that not even the most loyal and attentive reader cares about you as an individual. The thing is that you offer something to them and that something must be catchy enough to make them return as many times as you wish for. Therefore it's extremely important for you to prepare solutions for possible problems that the majority of them might be facing, and this is through the content of your blog. If you have a travel blog for instance, then shout out how easy it is to travel with less money and still enjoy the process and the experiences. This is highly important because you generate content and you also do a lot to keep in touch with your "fans." 

#5: Be honest. 

This is the simplest form of expressing it. Be humble and be honest with your audience. Everyone will suspect that you are lying in case you are so please DO NOT. Be genuine and do not think of absolute success when you begin creating something from scratch because this mentality will lead you to "weird" paths. Instead, just enjoy the process and think that your first step towards achieving your goals has been made and this is already a sign of a small victory. Don't you think so? 

We all need to be better at something. Along with the techniques and the tactics and the methods and all those things we also need to make sure that we can become better people every single day. I'm mentioning this because a lot of us forget about it and we just directly go for the big success. Be a better blogger and approach your audience genuinely.

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