5+1 ways to make your copy more interesting

By Georgios Gkaraklídis | May 14, 2021

Boring or interesting, are subjective adjectives to label something. However when it comes to writing and creating some content during the digital era and the content-saturated world, then things might become a little more demanding and notions such as "boring" or "interesting" might "haunt" you a lot.


Let's break this into pieces. 


  1. Try to create a story and then narrate it however you wish. As human beings, we have always wanted to understand the world around us, and each and every single one of us has a story. Therefore being able to tell it, is crucial when it comes to attracting the public's attention. 

  2. Be as coherent as possible. You cannot have an interesting content-building if you create something once in a while with no coherence whatsoever. Set a goal once or twice a week or even more times and get your creative juices flowing. 

  3. Be explicit. Yeah, I know, when it comes to writing things might not be as "vibrant" as when we have videos or photos meeting our eyes, however, this is one more reason to add the explicitness required when writing. People want to have easy access to some easy content making easy steps. It's all about easiness, fellas! 

  4. Be natural, approachable, easy-going, and open-minded. The thing is that the more "yourself" you are, the more genuine content you will create, which will hold your own stigma and signature, and the more interested the people will be in your content. So that "be yourself" or "embrace yourself" thing has never been more relevant. 

  5. Originality is key. Come to think of it, parthenogenesis doesn't even exist as much as perfection does, but still... Writing original content is what writers and copywriters need to bear in mind before they even begin this whole journey of "bright" creativity and connection with the public. Authentic and interesting content is highly appreciated among the masses and let's be clear about it in the first place for some great results in the long run. 

  6. Foreshadow. Familiar with this term? Well, do not reveal everything about your next steps and just set your public up for what's at stake which is that extra thing that will make your readers curious enough to stay tuned. People have this tendency to look for more than what's "served" to them, thus they will generate more interaction with what you display at the end of the day. 

Writing is not an easy task and it has never been one. Imagine if you are hired to write for so many people out there who just want to spread their message and/or promote their products and services. It is a tough inclination and at the end of the day, you realize that everyone and everything that trusts you, rely on your brain and creativity. Good luck with that and opt for the best as there's always room for improvement. 


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