By Georgios Gkaraklídis | May 14, 2021

What makes a good company stand out is probably the slogan they use to promote their products or services. The creativity that lies behind is just amazing and a lot of times it just gives that extra special thing to the content and the brand itself. Some taglines have become part of a language and this has been the case multiple times. Marketing is a cutthroat business and those "little heroes" in the background called copywriters, do wonders by just using their imagination, their creativity, their language capacities, and their playfulness to attract attention, capture the moment and captivate the clients along with the public. Let's not forget that most of the time professional writers tend to think that they will appear more knowledgeable when they use jargon and weird words or highly intellectual content which is just off-putting. Therefore the simpler the better. And being simple is at times the hardest part.

Worldwide brands like L'ORÉAL, Adidas, Nike, Puma, Apple, Coca-Cola, Toyota, Levi's, and many more have opted for the simplest slogan which made a huge difference to their sales and their impactful content in the world. They managed to stand out not only practically but also theoretically or as an idea or even better as a context. That's the reason these brands chose to keep and maintain their initial "image" and slogan and invest in it even more than before. See why simple ideas are hard to be found?

Just do it - Nike (simple and catchy).

Because you are worth it - L'ORÉAL (interesting and timeless).

Easy, breezy, beautiful - Covergirl (easily understood and great cheerful content).

Quality never goes out of style - Levi's (the simplest slogan out there but look how easily it got attached to the brand's name).

Open happiness - Coca-Cola (It scares me to know how many times per day someone opens that can of happiness).

Impossible is nothing - Adidas (How many times have we heard of this tagline but it is there and it supports one of the biggest brand names ever. SIMPLE as that).

Think different - Apple (No words. It is undoubtedly one of the biggest companies out there and with only two words it managed to become timeless, catchy, easy, and edgy for those who opt for Apple products).

Be consistent, be different, be short, use simple language, and do not exaggerate with the content you try to project. Be as original as possible and try to get into the customers' shoes to understand the notions better.

We have numerous examples of slogans and taglines that hit the top of the most iconic ads just because they were innovative, timeless and they quickly became trends and part of the language. We are bombarded with so many different ads every single day, which one makes a difference to the eye and the ear, though? Well, if you can name some, then it means that the copywriter behind those lines should be extremely proud of themselves. Get inspired and put everything you "absorb" into practice.

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