Top 7 Social Media Networks for Business.

Social media networks are becoming even more popular as more and more people use them to communicate with one another on a regular basis. It is commonly suggested that to increase your business presence, you need to be active on all forms of social media.

If your business is just starting out on the Web and you need to pick a few social media networks to rule over, here is our guide to choosing the best social media sites for your business: 

  1. Facebook

It’s great for: Businesses that host events, target users and specific pages, engaging with current and prospective customers, integrating social sharing features onto your website.

 What to share: All types of content, events, ads.

 Post frequency: Once or twice a day.

Facebook is the dominant social media channel globally. You can’t ignore Facebook. It’s huge and popular in many ways. Consider advertising or paying to promote your business page on Facebook. Begin conversations and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Facebook provides the opportunity to share responses to a post asking a question or conversation. You can see the answers in friends of your respondents, spreading the conversation.

The most important thing to do on Facebook is to track the success of your content by date and time, in order to pick the best times for engaging your audience. Why don’t you try to get a free report on what content is working better for your or your competitors.


  1. Twitter

 Is great for: Interacting with current and future customers, answering questions and customer feedback, publishing the latest news regarding your business, using targeted ads with specific users and audiences.

 What to share: Start, joing and lead conversations ; interact directly with businesses and customers.

 Post frequency: Multiple times per day.

Twitter is the next most popular media site after Facebook. It has been described as SMS of the Internet, because posts are short and to the point. Twitter limits Tweet length to 140 characters but the company is planning to extend its limit to allow users to tweet things longer.

Monitor what’s being said on Twitter about your business and employees. Use it to discover customer problems or questions. This social media site requires engagement with followers and sharing other people’s content. Set up hashtags to make your time more effective.


  1. LinkedIn

Is great for: Networking with professionals, connecting with people in similar industries, displaying business related information and data, having your personal or business information rank well in search engines.

What to share: Company descriptions, employer/employee research, job postings.

Post frequency: Two to four times a week.

Write your company’s description, edit your profile page mindful of SEO and keywords, but the most important thing is your network. People and connections to people are everything. If you are seeking clients or individuals seeking employement, then LinkedIn is the perfect network to be and you can find them by adding as many connections as possible. Just make sure to keep it relevant and not be spammy.

 LinkedIn can also be used as a blogging forum. For those who have not been able to build their own blogs, this is an opportunity to do so. Please note LinkedIn is a business site, therefore you shouldn’t write about your favorite music band or trip unless there is a strict business sense behind it.

  1. Google Plus

Is great for: Creating your listing on Google maps and local search results, getting customer reviews to show up in search results,targeting local users and businesses.

What to share:
More formal and professional content than Facebook. Hashtags play an important role in search.

Post frequency: Once or twice a day.

Keywords and search engine optimization are central to the appeal of Google+. Link often to content on your website to direct this search boost where you want it most.

Marketeers have kept Google+ in their social media mix as an SEO option. Sites that have a Google Plus account are being favored in Google search results over ones that don’t. That means your business absolutely needs to have an account on that site.

  1. YouTube

Is great for: Targeting users with video-based content, integrating and embedding videos on your website.

What to share: Short video content usually less than 1.5 minutes.

Post frequency: Once or twice a week.


YouTube is the largest and most popular video-based social media site on the internet. This site is used by a lot of people who watch videos, therefore businesses are experiencing great results from uploading their own videos on YouTube.

This social media site is a must in every business. Videos require data as well as human and financial resources. That means it tends to cost more than other content formats. Upload your content with a video version, and show your customers your employees talking, how to use your products or solve problems.


  1. Instagram

Is great for: Sharing pictures and short video clips, restaurants, retailers that rely on visual media, editing pictures with filters, sharing company culture.

What to share: Share visual content including short videos usually less than 15 seconds.

Post frequency: Once a day.

 This social media site is so easy to use. Snap your photo and post. Your subscribers have a chance of seeing your posts.The advantages of this platform are: the opportunity to create connection with little work & there is no timeline editing.

Instagram is like a photo album. You only need a few images to pull your prospects into your product. Do not forget to share your Instagram posts on Facebook or Twiiter and use relevant hashtags to become more discoverable.

  1. Pinterest

Is great for: Promoting pins to targeted users, reaching more affluent users, home decor/fashion/arts &crafts , sharing images, photography&travel industries.

What to share:
Creative and visual content.

Post frequency: Multiple times per day.

Pinterest is a very powerful image-based social media site. It’s main competitor is Instagram and the target audience is mostly made up of women.

Pinterest is where customers find inspiration and ideas for shopping and their interests. It’s a must for fashion, beauty, crafts, food & interior design businesses.

Use pin and re-pin posts frequently. It gives you the opportunity to appear within current results for a given search term.


You need to make social media an integral part of your business plans. Don’t forget to assess which social media sites make the most sense for your business and target your audience!

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