OW Digital and HubSpot Offer A Free Webinar For Startup Founders

In the dynamic world of startups, crafting a robust sales strategy is a crucial component for maintaining sustained growth and success in the long run. Considering the heightened development of artificial intelligence in the past year, how can AI be used effectively to help startups build a productive sales strategy that will propel their business progress? 

By sharing a common vision for the future of the tech industry, HubSpot and OW Digital are once again merging their passion and power to introduce startup founders to valuable insights and actionable steps about the implementation of AI into their sales strategy through a free practical webinar. 

Following the success of the first webinar, focused on fuelling MENA-based founders with the ultimate tools for building a successful tech stack, HubSpot and OW Digital are seeking to further equip startups by guiding them through the intricate process of utilising AI’s force to achieve their full potential and maximum sales objectives. 

The free session will be presented by the Head of OW Digital, Stavriana Nathanail, along with Eoin McGuinness, Head of HubSpot for Startups, MENA, CEE & UK, who will be sharing their nurtured expertise and extensive knowledge with startup founders, looking for the key that will unlock their digital success. 

The webinar will cover: 

  • Understanding your business model: How to align your sales approach with your business goals and values, to ensure a cohesive connection between your team, mission and the products or services you offer.

  • Building effective buyer personas: Why are buyer personas a significant step of your sales journey and how to go about your market research for crafting them.

  • Crafting a dynamic sales pipeline: How to tailor your pipeline to meet the needs of your unique business model, and how to leverage AI, automation and CRM to enhance your efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Strategies for nurturing leads: What are the best practices for lead nurturing and what’s the importance of personalisation in startup sales. 

What’s more? Attendees will have the perk of receiving a free digital swag bag upon registration for the webinar, packed with free software, discounts and more, to further facilitate your startup’s journey. 

This extended initiative by both OW Digital and HubSpot marks an intricate opportunity for aspiring startup founders to push forward their business capabilities, while receiving viable tips and practices from experts that they can apply to revolutionise their sales approach, along with the imperative assistance of AI. 

The webinar will be held on Thursday, 14th December, 2023 at 4pm (GST). 

You can register for the HubSpot x OW Digital Free Webinar for startups here

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