MailChimp in Preparation for the GDPR


The GDPR outlines the rights of individuals when it comes to their personal data. From May 25th, EU citizens will have the right to ask how their personal data is being used and request that certain actions be taken. For example, an individual can request that their personal data is corrected, provided to them, prohibited for certain uses, or removed completely. Companies must be prepared to respond to people's requests in a timely manner. Opium Works - as a Mailchimp Agency partner works hand in hand with this regulations.

MailChimp has been preparing for the GDPR and modifying many of their internal practices and policies over the last year. They have updated their Data Processing Agreement and 3rd-party vendor contracts to meet the GDPR requirements. They are also building and releasing tools that will make it easier for users to handle customer data appropriately.




MailChimp & the EU/Swiss Privacy Shield

MailChimp has annually certified their agreement to EU-US and Swiss Safe Harbor Frameworks since 2007. Since the Safe Harbor Frameworks have been replaced by the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework and the Swiss-US Privacy Shield Framework, MailChimp has certified their agreement with these Privacy Shield Frameworks.

Under MailChimp's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, each user promises that their use will be compliant with all applicable laws.

Updates that are coming soon to MailChimp accounts:

  • GDPR-friendly forms for getting consent
  • Easier access and management of contacts’ data
  • Removal of all traces of personal information from reports as well as lists upon deletion

To read more about MailChimp’s preparations, as well as their advice on how you can prepare, please visit this link.

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