Google in Preparation for the GDPR



On May 25th, Europe’s new General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect. Google is committed to complying with the GDPR, and in preparation has been working with customers and partners to inform them about changes to policies across their various products. As Google Partners, Opium Works fully complies with both Google's and GDPR policies.

Google already asks that publishers and advertisers using their services get consent from end users, as required under existing EU law. The GDPR will refine these requirements further. To comply, Google will be updating their EU consent policy and require that publishers take extra steps in gaining consent from their users.




Google’s Commitment to GDPR

Google has been working closely with Data Protection Authorities in Europe for years, and already has strong privacy protections in place. They are committed to keeping user information secure, and are ready to collaborate with partners throughout the process of implementing and complying with the new legislation.

The Google Privacy website describes in more detail:

  • Updated terms & contractual protections
  • Client checklist
  • Robust safeguards
  • Incident response
  • User transparency
  • International transfers
  • Privacy practices

To read more, please visit this link.

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