Interactive Video: Definition and Benefits

Interactive Videos are a type of digital video and in contrast with the traditional videos, they’re meant to prompt user interaction. For the traditional video users just click the ‘’play’’ button and sit back and watch what’s happening. However interactive videos give the opportunity to the user to click on several different paths and navigate as per their own preference.


An interactive video plays like a normal video but has clickable areas or hotspots which perform an action when you click on them. When clicking a hotspot, the video might jump to a different part of a video or open another video file altogether.


You can see examples of Interactive videos here:




Improved engagement

It is easy to get distracted or bored while viewing a traditional video, or otherwise called linear video. An interactive video, will instead, transform passive viewing into active viewing and create a game-like experience for the user, leading the audience to be active on the video and produce a massively increased rate of 59% in user activity!



You can track an interactive video’s engagement, views and success rate very easily with professional tools. Wirewax, for example, a leading interactive video creation platform, is allowing the marketeer to track a wide range of metrics from the moment a video is pushed and published from your end, including dwell time, interactions, shares and ‘add to carts’.


Interactive videos convert at higher rates in comparison to many other types of digital video ads. Specifically, banner ads, Google display ads and YouTube Annotations convert at rates of less than 1%. On the contrary, interactive videos are converting at a rate of more than 11%!


Interactive video enables marketers to gamify a video experience, something impossible to do in traditional videos. This technique is referred to as branching, which is basically creating multiple content pathways for a user to let them create a unique experience of their choice.

Pleasant, delightful and memorable

A user will be more likely to remember the brand that published a stunning interactive video, rather the brand that created a traditional one. Since the user can engage with the content offered, interactive video ads are reportedly 32% more memorable than traditional video ads. 


If you want to learn more about videos (interactive or traditional) and understand how it will benefit your business, do not hesitate to contact us! We would love to hear from you! Until then, read more about the services we offer and our work on our website!




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