Instagram Update: Now all Users can pin post comments

By Anastasia Dalakoura | Jul 15, 2020
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Are you a heavy user of Instagram? Now your favorite platform allows you to pin up to three comments within your post-interaction stream.

If you haven’t seen the new feature, here’s a picture below 👇 and find out how to pin your favorite comments! (go to the comment, slide it to the left and a quick menu section will appear on your screen)

Instagram blog 1

Τhis new feature aims to enhance positive conversations and give users the ability to manage the language under their posts. 


According to Instagram's VP of Product, Vishal Shah: “That means you can pin a few comments to the top of your feed post. By highlighting positive comments, you can better manage the tone of the conversation”.


This new feature came up with some other options that Instagram is offering to users in order to give them more control over their posts. The new options on IG comment section include the capacity to bulk delete comments and options to limit who can tag or @mention you in their posts. 


Maybe it is difficult to say that these options are strong enough to limit the negative comments or comments that include offensive language against others. However, it may help to positively affect a user to speak in a similar tone of voice when they scroll through IG’s posts. 


In addition to the above, the pinning comments may help businesses and users to get answers quickly and easily. When a user makes a good question regarding a product or a service, the business profile could pin these comments so the other followers or potential customers could see the answer getting more useful info about the product/ service. ✌️ If you have a business profile use this option carefully since it may look that you try to get more positive comments through “fake reviews”.


The option is now available globally- so try it and send us your opinion! 



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