How TikTok is creating fashion trends and driving fashion sales

By Daphne Papaioannou | Sep 30, 2021

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It’s not news that TikTok has a huge fan base that loves to get creative on the app. And so, it’s no surprise that fashion brands have been using the platform more and more, filling our FYP with tempting videos, inviting us to buy the next best thing.

So why and how exactly, are fashion brands getting involved with TikTok?

Fashion content is more authentic and accessible on TikTok


Most of the content on this platform is created by regular users, who like to show things the way they are, quite unlike platforms such as Instagram.
Because of that, fashion content on TikTok is very influential, and often goes viral. A perfect example is the infamous brown vintage Gap hoodie that went viral and generated so much buzz- enough for Gap to actually start manufacturing the design again!

What is vital to these videos being influential, is that they are posted by unbiased consumers and not brands.
However, what brands do successfully, is capitalise on the hashtags the shoppers use and search on the platform. They jump into hashtag challenges and even repost user generated content to reach more Gen Z consumers.


But TikTok has Influencers too


Another way that brands are targeting consumers on TikTok, are influencers and big events.

Brand sponsors of big events that traditionally gained exposure from TV, are now turning to TikTok as an effective marketing channel.

Influencer partnerships on TikTok are also on the agenda of many fashion brands (always paired with paid ads) to generate both brand awareness and sales. A great example of the success of this strategy is fashion retailer Shein, which became the most talked-about brand on TikTok in 2020. Looks like TikTok’s advice to “not make ads, but make TikToks”, was spot on!


Live streaming and so many shopping features


Fashion retailers can live stream whole shows on TikTok, which makes them golden in the age of Covid.
TikTok is also testing out lots of other commerce features, like in-app shopping. This would allow users to buy directly from the platform!
Not to mention, TikTok’s partnership with Shopify, which allows merchants to create In-Feed shoppable video ads, as well as connect tools to track conversions.

It’s best to be cautious when trying too hard to sell something to Gen Z of course (e.g. with shopping directly from the platform), but TikTok is making sure all the available tools are in place, for brands to make their strategic choices!




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