How Our Agency Is Preparing for the GDPR

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You’ve heard about it—big changes in data privacy regulation are coming into effect on May 25th, affecting all companies who handle personal data of EU residents.

Perhaps the biggest change to data privacy regulation is that it now applies to all companies processing personal data of EU residents, regardless of the company’s location. Our international partners, such as Google and HubSpot, have already taken steps in acquiring adequate levels of protection in the transferring of data between the EU and US. Their certification under the new EU-US Privacy Shield Framework deems them suitable and highly secure for the handling of personal data.

We as a company are also committed to implementing a GDPR strategy and making necessary amendments to current practices so as to be fully compliant with the new regulation by the May deadline.



1. External Partners & Compliance

As the scope of the GDPR and it's compliance efforts are significant, Opium Works has teamed up with BDO International, who have extensive experience in assisting businesses in becoming compliant with data protection regulations. We are currently reviewing all processes. 

2. Internal Meetings and Training

Our employees have been fully briefed in regards to privacy matters and the changes that will occur under the implementation of the GDPR. Regardless of position or department, everyone has been made aware of necessary steps they need to take in becoming compliant, both as employees and as individuals.

3. Changes to Policies and Procedures

As a processor of data we are currently in the process of updating and re-evaluating our policies and business practices to attain or re-attain consent from new and existing customers, and to better safeguard any personal data in our possession against breaches.

Below you can read in more detail what steps our partners are taking in preparation for the GDPR.

Facebook in Preparation for the GDPR

HubSpot in Preparation for the GDPR

MailChimp in Preparation for the GDPR

Google in Preparation for the GDPR


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