Have you thought about adding LinkedIn in your Social Media Strategy?

Have you thought about adding LinkedIn in your Social Media Strategy?


When someone asks you about which Social Media platforms you should include in your Social Media Strategy, one of the last things that cross your mind is LinkedIn. That potentially could be a mistake! LinkedIn can be a powerful tool in your quest for more connections, exposure and of course sales!


LinkedIn? Increased sales? But how?


Let's go through some statistics which can explain that!


  • LinkedIn can generate more leads than Facebook by 277%.
  • An advertisement on LinkedIn has the potential to reach around 12% of the world’s population.
  • Users claim that content on LinkedIn is 3 times more trustworthy than content on other platforms.
  • Regarding the cost, cost per lead is significantly lower (28 per cent) than on Google AdWords.


Now you are convinced that at least it's worth the try, you need to know how to do it! 


First of all, you should create a LinkedIn page. Easy enough. Go to LinkedIn pages, create your page and then start by filling the gaps. 


Now you have created your page, it's time to start posting your content.


Your main focus should be to publish valuable and trustworthy content. LinkedIn offers many ways to do so. You can post pictures and videos, go live, create blogs and in the near future post your stories with its brand new feature; those are many tools that add value to your audience, don’t you agree? It’s also highly recommended to add video content since videos get 5 times more engagement than other types of content posted on LinkedIn. 


Take advantage of targeting! With the matched audience feature you can target people who already “know” you. Users who have visited your website before, existing followers and your email contacts. These users are familiar with you and there are increased chances of converting them into customers.


Also, you can optimize your efforts, with the algorithm ranking content based on personal connections, how relevant is the content to the users’ interests and the probability of engagement. In order to make the most out of your content, you should pay attention to the headlines; they should grab the attention, tag and mention people and pages, include a call to action to engage with people and include LinkedIn polls. Moreover, share your content in the right time and be relevant with the latest news. 


Last but not least, analytics. Yes, you have access to analytics so try to learn as much as you can about your audience and competition.


Try to add LinkedIn in your digital presence, grow brand awareness and hopefully, increase your sales!


Without a doubt it's worth some of your time and effort…




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