Create beauty content others will want to share. Here's how we did it!

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Creating content that will intrigue others to want to share it, is a great way to build a trusted following and establish yourself as an authority in the beauty industry. Over the last year, our team created local content for beauty brands like Yves Rocher, Max Factor, Bourjois, and Rimmel London. 

Shareable content is essential for growing your brand and building a loyal audience. It helps to establish trust, create deeper engagement, increase visibility and establish relationships with thought leaders in your field.

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As users consume video content now more than ever before, it was clear to us that the content type we should focus on is vertical full-screen videos for Instagram Reels. Some key points we always have in mind when creating Instagram Reels, are:

  1. Showcasing the product in a way pictures can’t

  2. Add audio that is a trend on Social Media. In this way, you’ll increase the chance for more reach and engagement.

  3. Ensure high quality to increase view duration

Here's some of our banging original beauty content that skyrocketed online by international Social Media accounts!

Rimmel London US

Bourjois Spain


Bourjois Spain


2023 beauty fashion trends


Katerina Gregoriou

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