Characteristics Of Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Campaigns!

If you are a marketer or an individual who uses social networks, then the question of 'What makes a successful campaign that persuades customers?' comes up in your mind a lot of times.

During the last year, we have seen a lot of commercial campaigns with well-known people, emotional or funny stories, that create a great buzz and generate word of mouth. However, what makes these campaigns stand out and become viral?

Let's dive into the components that create interesting and yet worth mentioning advertising campaigns, that persuade the customers and become viral!

→ Understanding your Target Audience: The excellent understanding of our Target Audience, how they react to similar products, and what they love will help you figure out their interests and behavior patterns while inspiring you to create campaigns and slogans related to your direct target market.

Social value: People are impressed by things that make them feel smart and up-to-date. Modern and impressive ideas that give them social prestige, are those that trigger conversions and increase the awareness around the launch of a new product or a new campaign. 

To achieve that, think of what makes your product or services unique, and then promote the practical value of your product. 

A lot of airlines have achieved that level using their rewards schemes. People love to discuss the miles or benefits they receive because they feel part of a group and they gain social value. 

On the other side, the same happens when people show something unexpected that they have never known in the past. The Blendtec advertising campaign 'Will it blend' is an excellent example of how to make a viral campaign, showing your product's dynamic without a big budget (The first ‘Will it Blend’ video was launched in 2006, became viral, costed only 50 euros and made the company well-known to the market).



Create incentives: Give your target audience the right incentives that make them think of your product or brand when they don't watch your ad. Incentives enhance the mindshare and market penetration and make people think and discuss your products. 

You need to be connected with your customers during the purchasing process, so be smart and come up with various incentives that will help them to remember when they need to use your products.

Do you remember the advertising of Klinex for their ‘Paper Toilet’? If yes, this ad used great incentives to encourage customers to buy their products—a good example of connecting your product with ideas and situations that people face in their everyday lives.



→Be a storyteller: People like to discuss stories and share information! Be creative and discover a valuable and relevant story that matches the interests of your target audience. Ensure that your products and message are a part of this story so people will refer to them when they narrate your story. 

The best example of great storytelling is the launch of the 'Don't ever leave me' a mini video production from Lacta chocolate for the International Day of Women’s Violence. The campaign has great awareness, and it inspires all users to share the video and to discuss one of the most crucial social issues.


Also, another excellent campaign is the last launch of the Pantene campaign, 'Hair Has No Gender,' which became viral on the same day of its launch. The story has an excellent narration, speaks honestly to the interests of their target audience. Furthermore, the slogan is straightforward and reminds consumers to believe in their uniqueness.


And for us who love marketing, below there is one of the most useful definitions of what marketing should be:

“Marketing should not try to persuade people to buy things they do not want or do not need. Marketing should focus on harnessing people's genuine enthusiasm for services and products that they find useful, fun, or beautiful. Marketing should focus on spreading the products & ideas that we love.” Dave Balter


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Source & References: "Jonah Berger Book: Contagious: Why Things Catch On"

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