A Website Journey

Step #1: Project Definition

We will work together to create a map of your project, including your business goals and vision. This is the most important step of the whole process, as you will want to clearly communicate and express all the expected requirements you might have for your Web Design and Development project.

Business Objectives and Website Goals.

At this stage will need you to provide us with your business objectives, what you want to achieve by taking your business online, your target audience and your website goals.

Features and Functionalities.

This is the part where you dictate the bits and pieces of your website. These can be a blog, a video gallery, an integrated e-commerce solution. During this process, we will list all the desired features and advise you on which functionalities you should or should not include in your site at this point.  

Time Frame

During this part of the Project Definition stage, we will  work with you to create a sustainable  and effective timeframe for your deliverables, deadline and the handoff process of the project.


This is one of the least thought of areas when a website is built, yet it might prove detrimental if not taken in consideration. These are some things that you will need to prepare for: How many visitors am I expecting per day? How fast do I want my website to load? How resource heavy will my content be? What is the processing power needed for a new website? Will I need a static website or utilize a CMS? If this is too much terminology, Don’t worry. We have created several websites for small to large businesses and are accustomed to this. Our hosting solutions can accommodate for the smallest to the largest development needed.


Step #2: Research and Planning

Well, that’s our favorite part. We will brainstorm ideas and concepts for your website based on your business’ values, vision, mission and objectives.

User Personas

As everything else in marketing, we need to understand your target market. This will allow us to a create a virtual persona of your ideal site visitor. We will identify, their needs, interests, hobbies, lifestyle and even their daily routine in order to understand how a visitor might interact with various pages, and designs on your page. By understanding the visitor, we can guide them on future desired activities on your page.


This step refers to the process of mapping out how users will access and navigate the content on your website. This mapping of the various page and links resembles a sitemap or a navigation tree, to which you can start gathering your content, media and anything else you would like to place on your new Website.



Step #3: Web Design

No more planning! :)

At last, you can start seeing results. Around this point in time, about 25% within the total project duration you will receive the first completed design draft for your website. This will consist of the following:

Page Layout

Consider this the early architectural plans for your website or transitioning from fiction to reality. Our Digital Designer will start sketching out several general layouts to which we can place the content provided by you during the previous page. By understanding the content and agreeing on the layout, we can then proceed to the following steps in making your new website a reality.


Consider this a visual guideline that represents the framework of your website. In practical terms, our Digital Designer will draft several mock-ups, with blocks and placeholders that you can visualize and re-arrange the various elements across each page. The wireframe depicts the page layout or arrangement of the website’s content, including interface elements and navigational systems, and how they work together.

Visual Design

Once the blueprint for the site has been defined through the creation of wireframes, the next step is to create a visual style. The overall visual style will most likely be determined by the visual brand of your business. Our designer’s aim is visually to convey key brand perceptual ideas within the design of your website.



Step #4: Web Development

Here is the step where our high-tech developers start building your website.

Whether you want a Drupal CMS or a customized hand code website we will help you choose the best option for your business. We start building the database and the heavy development of the website. Once we make sure your website is secure, we will start adding the fancy features we agreed on the beginning of the project.


We will check the functionalities, performance and security of your website extensively and in detail. We will make sure that everything working perfectly and according to plan. We will check that everything working perfectly, are fully functional, bug-free and secure.


When we are done we will analyze the performance of your website and optimize it accordingly. If you want to rank among the best in Google results you need your website to be SEO friendly. We will offer you SEO services and Social Media optimization to make your website show in the top results of Google.


Step #5: Launch

At this step, your website goes LIVE. You are ready to conquer the Digital world.


Step #6: The day after

We promised that we will be with you every step of the way. We will provide you with guidelines and training on how to manage your website.You will be able to edit, update and change the content of your website, anytime you like and most importantly, cost free.


It is not a secret that a website needs regular maintenance, that’s why we offer you support for any kind of issues constantly. We will let you know when is time to renew your hosting licenses, plug-ins etc. We are here for you to make this experience hustle free.

With whomever web development company you choose to work, you should keep in mind that building your business’s website it is not a decision to be made overnight.


Read this guide carefully and keep in mind that it is just an overview. We take business seriously and we give the same dedication and value to each customer, small or big.
When we will start working together we will break this guide into more segments and analyze it in depth. It is our priority to keep you happy and satisfied.


Opium Works, for you!


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