20 AI Prompt Examples: A Guide For Marketers

There’s no escaping AI tools these days. The beginning of 2023 saw the advancement of artificial intelligence take over in incredible ways that have been both fascinating and intimidating. As everyday users are experimenting daily, trying to figure out the best ways to utilize AI systems, so are marketers who are looking to incorporate these genius-level instruments into their daily functions in efficient, cost-effective, and viable ways. 

Generating the desired outcomes can be a tricky prospect at the moment, as marketers are looking to garner the best possible results in assisting their strategic processes. Marketers need to learn a new skill in effectively communicating their goals and missions to AI systems by providing clear and concise information and giving constructive instructions that can be comprehended by machine learning. 

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What Is An AI Prompt?

An AI prompt is the text of information or instructions written to AI tools that the system will generate to produce the wanted results. It’s like assigning a task to no one, yet everyone replies with a singular, on-spot solution. 

The possibilities of using AI are boundless and can be utilized for multiple purposes, from brainstorming sessions to content creation ideas and prompt market research. 

What are some different prompts you could use to generate better results in different marketing scenarios? 

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Here are our 20 favorites, and you can thank us later. 

  1. Generate ideas for a new product launch in [month] that incorporates the theme of [season] and [tone].

  2. Suggest high-volume keyword clusters for [topic] to optimize search engine rankings.

  3. Identify popular trends in the industry of [product/service] that an audience of [target audience] will be interested in [upcoming season].

  4. Suggest new strategies for lead generation in [market] and [industry]. 

  5. Identify new channels for advertising [product] aside from [current platforms already in use].

  6. Create a LinkedIn post promoting a new job opening in [number] words or less with a strong call to action at the end.

  7. Draft a TikTok video script showcasing a product demonstration for 2 minutes at maximum.

  8. Write a blog post title to promote a new social media campaign in [number] characters or less.

  9. Draft an email subject line to promote a new blog post that feels personal, enticing, and not spammy.

  10. Produce [number] of topics for a video series featuring interviews with thought leaders in [industry].

  11. Create a video series that showcases customer success stories.

  12. Create a video series highlighting the impact of [product/services] on the lives of customers or clients in [demographic]. 

  13. Produce ideas for a video series featuring a behind-the-scenes look at your company's operations.

  14. Write a press release announcing a new product launch geared towards [target audience] that sounds confident, exciting, and interesting. 

  15. Generate ideas for outreach emails to promote a new product, including [number] of attention-grabbing subject lines and [number] of clear calls to action.

  16. Suggest the best time and day of the week to publish a blog post about [topic].

  17. Suggest the [number] best hashtags for a social media campaign on [social media platform] to reach [target audience].

  18. Rewrite a blog post into a social media post series of [number] posts on [social media platform of choice].

  19. Rewrite an old email campaign into a new one with updated messaging suited for [season] [year].

  20. Repurpose a blog post into a video script using this article: [insert old blog post].

Now that things may be more clear in your mind, you can utilize these 20 AI prompts and update them accordingly to refresh outdated content, figure out effective promotional strategies, develop video content ideas, generate excellent social media post examples, and attract more potential prospects. 


Source: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/ai-prompt-examples


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