Why my new business needs a website?

The entrepreneurial life is not as simple as you expected. It’s stressful, demanding and tough. Due to this constant roller coaster ride, you may have never thought about the importance of a website and if you ever did, your budget probably disagreed.

Even though you are at an early stage of setting up your small business, be reminded that a website should be at the bottom of your operations’ pyramid. Have you ever wondered why?

Creates credibility

Keep in mind that customers usually search the internet for all possible options before deciding which product or service suits them most. If your business appears on the search results, and user can navigate through the pages and read about your features, you automatically receive more credibility than the other way around. If you don’t, well your competitors gain that credibility. With a well-designed website, you will create a professional image and gain more confidence.

Informs customers

Think your website as an online flyer. It’s the easiest and quickest way to inform possible customers about your product and its features. It’s even easier to update information related to your business such as upcoming products, new add-ons or news.

Works 24/7

Once you have developed your website, anyone can access it anytime - any day. This gives the opportunity to potential customers to check your website for information frequently, in their free time, during their decision making process.

Creates customer engagement

An effective website shouldn’t simply provide information, but it should be well designed to interact with visitors. Giving the opportunity to customers to write a review or find customised answers to his/hers possible questions, helps increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Provides you demographic data

When you have a website, you can use free tools such as Google Analytics, to track and analyse your marketing demographics. This will help get a better idea of which pages have the most traffic, or how long do visitors stay on your website and where these visitors come from. Through these tools, you can realise whether you need a mobile site too, decide if you need to optimize your customer's journey or create new landing pages.

Even if your budget is limited and your schedule is pilling up, a website is a must-have for your new business. Choosing who will do your web development and web design is tricky and requires some extra thought. If you are struggling over this decision, check a few tips on who to choose here.  

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