How To Make The Most of Social Media in 2024 With These Trends

Social media is showing no indication of slowing down and a big part of that has to do with how people continue to over-consume each and every platform available. Staying ahead of the curve with all the constant changes to social media is crucial, and the new year of 2024 is no exception to that rule. Remaining informed with trends that captivate each social platform can be paramount in streamlining your digital marketing strategies and efforts to reach a greater audience, attract new potential consumers and make a bang in the digital realm. 


Best Trends for Making the Most of Social Media in 2024

Social Platforms as Search Engines 

Social platforms are slowly but surely transforming into much more than just networking spaces. Due to the high investment of users in social media, many platforms have organically become the go-to search engines for many occasions. Users are increasingly turning to social media platforms, such as Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok, to get the answers they are looking for, while discovering new content and products. Real insights are coming from real people and users have noticed, thus stirring away from the more traditional search engines, and instead opting to solve their queries by navigating and trusting social media users. 

Gen Z is already trusting social media for their shopping decisions, and TikTok has implemented Google Search Results into its in-app results, which means that social SEO is becoming more vital than ever before, and this is just the beginning. 

Longer Videos Are Back 

Remember the short-form videos trend? Which pretty much led to the spiralling of TikTok as one of the most influential social media platforms in no time? Well, now longer videos are making their comeback. When in recent years there was a tendency and preference for videos that were one minute or less - considering the attention span of audiences keeps increasing - 2024 is upping its video game with an expectancy of two to five minute videos. With platforms extending their max video lengths, it led to users experimenting much more with their Instagram reels and TikToks, and it turns out, people can be invested for a longer period of time. 

Not only that, but the return back to longer videos is evidence of changing customer behaviours. In combination with the trend of social media platforms becoming reliable search engines, it shows that users are seeking answers and entertainment more than ever before, and social media is the best and safest bet. 

Engagement is Moving to DMs

DMs have become the new battleground for engagement. Our feeds are overflowing as it is, with memes, carousels, ads, content creators and influencers, but what they are truly lacking at the moment is purely organic content. Instagram’s growth has been very reliant on stories and DMs, which is perhaps the reason the platform has been paying so much attention into recreating and rebranding its messaging feature, with notes, broadcast channels and a revamped look that is reminiscent of a networking channel. 

If engagement is indeed moving towards the private realm of direct messages, then it means that tracking brand-related engagement will be more challenging than ever. Additionally, this transition will also mark DMs as more of a customer service feature that brands will need to adapt to in order to keep up and continue nurturing their meaningful relationships with their audience. 

Shares > Likes, Comments & Followers 

Every marketer and social user wants to expand their reach, right? That’s the ultimate goal, to keep expanding and reaching new audiences that get to know your products or services, or are simply fascinated by your content. Although this has proven much trickier than it sounds in the digital realm, it has not stopped anyone from giving it a good try and trying to figure out the best way of spreading the word. Truth is that not everything is as it seems; likes, comments and followers can be bought, while views and impressions are easily inflated. However, the ‘share’ button may be the last true indication of your brand’s honest engagement. After all, if someone actually goes through the trouble to share YOUR content with THEIR cycle? Now, that’s a pat on the back. 

Also, content that is shareable, is also much more likely to garner more likes, follows and comments, while the opposite may not always be true. Shares have the potential to expand your reach to a wider audience and thus exponentially increase the content’s impact. 

Gen Z will Catch Up with LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is going back to its original roots and prioritising professionalism above personal content, as the majority of its users are seeking for knowledge and expertise, over intimate details about someone’s life. After all, there’s other platforms that take care of that need. LinkedIn has also introduced a Top Voice badge feature, which is a further indication of its intention to keep things strictly professional. 

Additionally, Gen Z will be gaining a much larger portion of the LinkedIn users’ pie in 2024, as more and more youngsters are entering the career pool. This influx in Gen Z users may also be due to the fact that many feel saturated from all the overly aspirational and trendy content that is shared on other social media platforms, such as TikTok, and are seeking a more earnest and straightforward gate of expression. 

TikTok Shop Takeover 

TikTok Shop seemed kind of an inevitable next expansion for the platform, and it’s expected to have its moment in 2024. With TikTok being a driving force when it comes to shopping habits, trends and discovering new products, creating an entire virtual shop, community and experience of its own was a no-brainer. Despite a number of controversies, the platform is expected to keep promoting and expanding its new feature, which will give way to unique, freelance creators to promote their goods and have a decent reach. 

Trends & TikTok Go Hand-in-Hand 

Were trends that much of a thing before TikTok? Video trends are definitely a thing that’s directly related to TikTok, with users turning to the platform to catch up with all the latest dance challenges, soundbites, etc. So, nothing new here. Continue keeping a close eye on all the latest TikTok video trends and applying them wherever suitable to your own brand strategy. 

However, as much as TikTok may be slightly ahead of the game, there’s no good in disregarding the influence and importance of Instagram reels as well. So, if you want to continue being in line with what your competitors are up to, then your best chances are to remain in touch with both short-form and long-form video trends that may catch your attention on TikTok and Instagram. 

YouTube Shorts Are Here to Stay 

Remember YouTube Shorts? They are here to stay, and not only that, it’s time to start caring! YouTube Shorts have been garnering an increasing number of interest throughout the years, and perhaps 2024 may just be the time it sets itself in social media history. As with everything, it is a brand new, undiscovered and exciting opportunity to connect with new audiences and expand your reach to a widely exciting, growing community.  

Influencer Marketing Still Matters

Trends may come and go, but influencer marketing continues to be a potent strategy! Although influencer marketing has already made its significant mark, there was no expectation that it would go away any time soon. Using influencers as brand ambassadors remains a greatly wise and expert way to create a genuine connection with users that prioritises authenticity and relevance. Recently, there was a significant shift towards micro influencers over macro influencers,

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