10 Graphic Design Trends That Will Take Over In 2024

As 2024 is approaching, everyone’s already settling in on the graphic design trends that will take over with the year, as they prepare for their creativity levels to skyrocket to new levels. Several captivating trends have come to the forefront, each pushing the boundaries of conventional design in its own distinctive way, so we delve into some of the compelling trends that will be shaping the creative landscape in the coming year. 


It’s no surprise that AI is part of the graphic design trends, as its impact has been far-reaching throughout the industry in the past year. As a cutting-edge evolution of the creative landscape, AI has taken a central role in instilling great inspiration in design and raising the bar on what is expected and possible. This trend will not only enhance efficiency, but also introduce an element of unpredictability, serendipity and boundless creativity into the design process, as it will push the boundaries of traditional aesthetics, in seeking to bring a symbiosis between human intuition and AI-driven designs. As this trend unfolds in coming years, it’s possible it will reshape the way we perceive and engage with graphic design, so there’s no harm in experimenting with it. 


3D Experiences

There’s great anticipation in the adoption of three-dimensional (3D) elements within the realm of graphic design. This burgeoning trend finds its roots in the uprising expectation of providing immersive experiences that will engage audiences in unprecedented ways. As it gains momentum once again in 2024, 3D visual communication will enable brands to narrate their messaging with an added dimension of depth, hyper-realism, and surrealism, by incorporating abstract shapes, vibrant colours and experimental fonts.


Bento Box Grid

With the meticulous arrangement of boxes, varying in size, to house fragments of information comes the craze of bento box grids. As these individual boxes coalesce, they form a seamlessly integrated larger element, reminiscent of segmented compartments found in traditional Japanese bento boxes. The focal point of the trends lies in the visual hierarchy of information, along with the strategic structuring of content to effectively guide users or accentuate specific elements. The bento box grid approach provides a dynamic and expressive approach, akin to storytelling, which also brings the audience back to the old-timey, immersive experience of reading comics, while conveying information with creativity, versatility and a unique impact. 


Retro Aesthetics 

Retro-inspired designs are making a comeback. A robustly growing trend that is bound to be embraced, as it spans a wide spectrum of nostalgic elements, such as warm colour palettes, grainy photography, old-school elements and vintage cartoons. All in all, it’s a wholehearted reminder of a simpler time that was beloved by everyone, which is expected to insert a whole lot of heart and soul into graphic design. With a yearning for ‘the good old days’, this retro aesthetic trend is gaining momentum as it will bridge the gap between past and present, and infuse a nostalgic ode with a timeless quality into modern craftsmanship of designs. 


Pixel Art

A resurgent trend is the fusion of pixels with contemporary aesthetics, crafting a blend of the past and present. Drawing inspiration from the early days of the internet and the digital world, a time when display resolutions were far from the 4K standards of today, there’s a newfound, heightened sense of enthusiasm about the charm of pixelated graphics in modern designs. The trend brings forward an artistic amalgamation, blending nostalgic pixel elements with the crispiness of modern, high-quality graphics in 


Maximalism Mania

Maximalism is making a comeback in 2024, as people are once again looking to embrace the grand and daring. It brings back an exhilarating avenue for designers to break free of conventional norms and experiment freely. The indulgence and spontaneity that characterise this returning trend, may even make its way into digital branding, as it inevitably encompasses a wide range of smaller trends, such as bold typography, vibrant colours, repetitiveness, expressive hand-drawn styles and the inclusion of surrealistic elements. Maximalism’s return marks a clear departure from minimalism’s simplicity, and deliberately takes a look at the creative potential of excessiveness and allows the experimentation of boundary-pushing design style. 


Cluttercore Allure 

Similar to maximalism, cluttercore is rooted in the fundamental principle of one’s self-expression, but in an even more audacious approach. Assertive, vibrant and flamboyant, this design trend is set to make waves in 2024, as it thrives on commanding attention and embraces excess and extravagance. Thick strokes, exuberant tones, vivid colours and graphics intentionally overlapping lead to a bold declaration of creativity. What may appear as seemingly chaotic and disorderly at first glance, reflects the universal sentiment that there’s always beauty, even among the chaos, and optimism, even among the disorder. 


Hyper-realistic Illustrations 

The new year is poised to see the ascendancy of hyper-realism in graphic designs. Transcending the ordinary and conventional boundaries, and merging the gap between reality and imagination, hyper-realistic illustrations will offer audiences a spectacularly captivating visual encounter. Using contemporary tools and techniques, designers will be up to the task of breathing life into their creations by seamlessly integrating them into high-resolution images that push the boundaries of what is visually conceivable. The allure of hyper-realism blurs the lines and leaves a lot of room for experimentation and exaggeration that will create immersive experiences that resonate on a profound level. 


Risograph Effect

The risograph effect, a printing technique that originated from Japan in the 1980s, has undergone a significant evolution and finds its place as one of the most prominent graphic designs trends for 2024. The risograph effect has experienced a complete reimagining in recent years, especially within the context of digital abstract graphics. The distinct graininess introduced by the risograph effect now serves as a transformative element, contributing depth and a dynamic noise component to the prevalent minimalist style. This unique aesthetic is gaining traction with a notable shift towards embracing the textured and nuanced qualities that the risograph imparts to contemporary digital visuals. 


Sustainable Design 

In response to raising eco-consciousness, graphic design is catching up by aligning itself with more sustainable design principles. That means, 2024 may see the rise of a profound connection to the natural world that will extend beyond any environmental implications, and have design find its charm, inspiration and allure from the inherent beauty of nature, by crafting visuals that echo the serenity and authenticity found in the great outdoors. The evolution towards sustainability will be more evident than ever in packaging design, where a shift towards a cleaner, more earthy aesthetic is expected. Visual narratives will be more representative of the conscientious consumer, with natural, earthy colour palettes and repurposing materials taking centre stage, as a tangible demonstration of a commitment to sustainability matters. 



As we bid farewell to the trends of yesterday and embrace the upcoming visual tendencies of tomorrow, one thing remains certain: the digital landscape remains a greatly inventive and exciting playground that will continue to evolve beyond imagination, driven by the ceaseless pursuit of creativity, relevance and powerful innovation, while intersecting art and technology along the way.

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