Spotify Video Advertising: Sound On, Brand Awareness Up

By Daphne Papaioannou | Aug 6, 2020
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Spotify has recently launched video advertising via its Ad Studio and we could not be more excited to hear the news!


Did you know that Spotify has an estimated 286 million active users, 130 million of which are Spotify Premium subscribers? Not only that, but these numbers keep increasing each year. There is an amazing advertising opportunity here for brands to tap into!



So far, by placing audio ads on Spotify, marketers were able to reach listeners during their “valuable screenless moments”, like when they were working out, doing chores around the house or just chilling. However, it’s important to remember that Spotify users are not just listening to the app in the background, and that they can also be reached in times when they have their full attention on their screens. 


Therefore, adding Spotify video ads to your marketing activities will help you create a visual storytelling opportunity for your brand, for those valuable eyes-on-the-screen moments.


What makes these video ads especially attractive is that on other platforms, most people view video ads with their sound muted, whereas, on Spotify, users engage with their sound already on, offering a great advantage to marketers!


Also, according to Spotify, running both audio and video ads on the platform, will produce higher brand results in comparison to just video ads alone. 



Video ads containing sound produce a 1.9x ad recall and 2.2x increase in brand awareness, according to the streaming giant’s statistics. Best of all, Spotify will only serve video ads during “in-focus moments”, to maximise visibility.


In terms of how the ads will look, advertisers can choose between horizontal video, which is optimised for any platform, or vertical ads which are more mobile-friendly for iOS and Android devices.


It’s useful to note that Spotify Ads Studio is only available in selected regions. However, we at Opium Works have managed to find a solution to this and can offer Spotify advertising services to our clients in Cyprus, to help them reach their target audience. 


Thinking of running a Spotify campaign? Get in touch to find out how we can help your brand!




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