5 Ways to Make Social Media Work for You.

Allow me to tell you 5 ways your business can kick ass on Social Media!


Rule #1: Choose your channels carefully.
ALWAYS! Pick the most suitable Social Media for your business not the most popular.

Do not try to reach customers on every single platforms. It’s pointless. Even if you do, is not going to work. The reason is simple., some platforms will not be a good fit for your business.
For instance a Fast Food Brand it’s easier to engage and interact with customers on Instagram than on Linkedin which is a more B2B channel.

Knowing your audience and where they are active it is one of the first and most important steps you need to take in Digital Marketing.

Rule #2: Do not OVER promote your business.

Here applies the GOLD RULE of Social Media: “One In Seven Rule”. If you haven’t used this rule before you should start applying it immediately. The rule simply states that one in every seven of your posts should be overt marketing for your business and the rest should be useful and relevant to your customers.

Rule #3: Personalize your content .

Anything that you post on social media should be a direct reflection of your brand’s culture, values and morals. Your brand’s personality should be expressed through your tone of voice on Social Media. From the way you respond to a private message, to a complaint, a comment to the way you write post descriptions.

Rule #4: Measure your KPIs.

It’s not about GOOD analytics. The whole point is to be able to understand those results and those numbers and act on them. Understand what those results mean  for your brand in terms of content and context. You should constantly use the Social Media Analytics to improve your marketing strategy.

Rule #5: Interaction is GOD.

The best way to succeed on Social Media is to interact with your audience. Think of Social Media as an online community. You need to define your brand’s community and interact with them. A very useful tip is adding questions in your content, this tactic will increase the comments and the shares on your post (having in mind that the question is relevant to your customers).


That's all for now! Stay tuned for more... 



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