"Boring" words in copywriting and their alternatives

By Georgios Gkaraklídis | May 14, 2021

Being boring is part of the game. Being interesting is part of our personal game and we strive for it on so many different levels. In an era of rapid growth and expansion of almost everything, things tend to be extremely tight for those who try hard to produce authentic material out there. As a result, there are archaic tactics and methods that are no longer effective and they just add to the "insufficiency" of the system.

As it's very well-known, you need to create content that will stand out and captivate the crowd. The DO's and DON'Ts of this industry are constantly changing but this is the reason we need to adapt to this challenging environment. Face the challenge and let's see what's more.

This is definitely a cliché when trying to promote a product or a service to the public. We see this "amazing" thing almost everywhere. But in an attempt to make the product or the service stand out from the rest, we tend to forget that these words are excessively used for no apparent reason. It will definitely not serve the purpose of standing out.

Oh boy. This is undoubtedly the sister of cliché, to say the least. What's unique out there? Well, a lot of things I assume, but this is totally subjective. Again, we try to sell something and promote it in the best way possible for it to be UNIQUE and unforgettable but the problem is that we tend to exaggerate using such words and we don't even explain the reason the product is so unbelievably unique. At the end of the day we need to give details but not in an extravagant way. Explain, inform and be more creative and authentic.

Speaking of it.

First of all this word is already overused. People no longer trust marketing as they used to, back in the days, therefore stating that something is "authentic" hardly ever helps the situation. It might even worsen things and might end up discrediting the whole idea.

Nice to meet you, professional guy or girl. What's more than that, though? Yeah OK, the product and the company are professionals, we got this, but the public wouldn't expect less. The thing is that this word is somehow overused as well as it doesn't transmit any feeling or it doesn't add to the color of the language in the industry. Imagine that writers try to make a difference but using these words makes them look less creative and challenging.

#Excellent service
Same as before. Customers wouldn't expect anything else than that. Otherwise do not even bother launching a business. We all strive for the best and this is sometimes our obligation towards ourselves and those who trust our products or services. Use a different tone. "Excellent" is the same with "professional" and "amazing." Do I have to elaborate more?

This challenging environment changes every single minute and this is the reason professionals working at it, should always be prepared for a new dynamic scheme that might affect the way they used to think and make them think twice before producing something new. Overanalyzing can sometimes do wonders and this might be the case here. "Boring" can be cute, but not when you have to communicate with the public and sell. After all, isn't the attempt to sell that makes things work? Be boring but grow from it and learn and practice and evolve.

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