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How social media can give B2B companies a boost

One cannot simply underestimate the power of social media! They are simple the most viable marketing option these days. You can enjoy some exposure from other forms of marketing as well but considering what your competitors are doing you definitely ...

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5 Ways to take your B2B social media marketing to the next level

Maintaining an online presence is the same as being a famous stand up comedian. You ’ve got the audience you need to attract to your stand up comedy show but on the other hand you have technicians working behind the scenes. So you need to ...

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What social media do your B2B customers prefer?

In the very beginning you were not using social media at all. Then you wondered: “All my competitors are using social media, so I have to do it as well!”, so you began creating profiles for your B2B company in every social network. Nowadays a new ...

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Do you know the basics for a successful B2B social media strategy?


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